A brilliant analysis of how we handle reporting of rape and other social issues in the media and in general. In a lot of ways this is what I always think / feel when these issues are reported, but have been unable to put into words. There was such a media circus when this case happened, which has of course compeletely gone away since it is no-longer ‘news’. The issues touched here still remain though, and it’s refreshing to see how valid they are now even after the public ‘outcry’ has died down.


Over the last week, one story dominated our news, our timelines, and, for many people, our minds. We have watched on in horror as more and more of the sordid details of the Roast Busters rape ring emerged: the Police inaction and the complicity of the school, compounded by the horrifying…


For some reason, the design industry really pushes the idea of paying your dues. There’s this sense that you’re going to have to do your time at the school of hard knocks before you can make it to the big leagues - that you have to start small. I think this is a cop out.

2 years on, and I really understand the truth of this piece.



Naming a project is always an awful experience.

An earworm that won’t stop tapping your skull from the inside. A tenacious pop jingle with teeth and a paycheck.

As a freelance designer, I do a fair amount of this for clients. Generally, my process has been a garble of notes and trips to…

Fantastic naming guide

Despite the video being taken down multiple times from both Vimeo and Youtube, you can currently read the full Snowden interview transcript on the NDR site.

If you think it doesnt apply because you’re not in the US, think again.

"So we have the UK’s GCHQ, we have the US NSA, we have Canada’s C-Sec, we have the Australian Signals Intelligence Directorate and we have New Zealand’s DSD. What the result of this was over decades and decades what sort of a supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries."

absolutely fantastic userscript for Adobe Illustrator that allows for bulk exporting of artboards to your file format and scale of choice. Fantastic for exporting retina assets and as a replacement for the shitty slicing tools illustrator gives you. Really wish i’d found this sooner. Set your documents effects resolution to at least 150ppi and it will comfortably upscale to 2x. so good.

say good bye to the fucked save for web dialog.