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WOLF, with aleskot and matttaylordraws — soon.

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A Candid Look at Unread's First Year


To my knowledge, indie developers don’t publish the kind of numbers that you’ll find in this post. My sales records are none of your business, as the saying quite literally goes. The question in your mind will no doubt be why am I writing this at all? It’s a fair question. Before I answer it,…

I’ve enjoyed following Jared’s posts around his RSS reader app ‘Unread’. The numbers presented here paint a scary picture around the current state of developing exclusively for the App store, and the reliance on listing in the top charts, or a solid in-app purchase monetisation strategy to ‘succeed’. What isn’t discussed here, but i’m sure is also a contributing factor - is how $3-$5 is a feasible price for a highly crafted piece of software, and how we’ve come to demand this. 

The iOS app store has seen an interesting gold rush, but what we are seeing now is a definite change as the industry solidifies around larger companies and practices which actively exploit their audience to succeed. To me, the current app store resembles the Music industry 12 years ago, heavily dominated by a few named labels while the rest of the industry floats around hoping for the next best ‘hit’. We havent seen how that fully plays out yet, but one thing is for sure: change is in the air.

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“The first pass should be ugly, the ugliest.”


Craig Mod, who convincingly argues that app development (and their success) is often completely senseless, drops this astounding wisdom on readers about halfway through the article:

The first pass should be ugly, the ugliest. Any brain cycle spent on pretty is self deception. If pretty is the point then please stop. Do not, I repeat, do not spent three months on the radial menu, impressive as it may be. It will not save your company. There is a time for that. That time is not now. Instead, make grand gestures. General gestures. Most importantly, enumerate the unknowns. Make a list. Making known the unknowns you now know will surface the other unknowns, the important unknowns, the truly devastating unknowns — you can’t scrape our content! you can’t monkey park here! a tiny antennae is not for rent! You want to unearth answers as quickly as possible. Nothing else matters if your question marks irrecoverably break you. Do not procrastinate in their excavation.

Craig’s words ring loudly in my ears. You want to unearth answers as quickly as possible. Do not procrastinate in their excavation. Superb advice for the exploration phase of just about any project, not just app development.

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Poster for BCNMCR Conference

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Range 2 - 2014

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Range - 2014

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'Limbo' studio unveils 'Inside,' a creepy and beautiful platformer for Xbox One

Limbo was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, striking games I’ve played—And it looks like Playdead will not disappoint with their next one either.

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The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk by Maciej Cegłowski

If you involved in making websites to any degree, this talk is definitely worth a read. Entertaining and educated take on current internet trajectory.

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"great designers know that sacred cows must always be evaluated for slaughter"

Design Is About Intent | Rampant Innovation

Preserving - the first of the 3 design ‘evasions’ commonly praciticed by inferior designers explored in this post. Absolutely spot on analysis of the half hearted attempts to copy Apple’s design led process.

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One for Auckland people perhaps, Nat Cheshire’s outstanding Semipermanent AKL 2014 speech stood out as one of the most poetic and heartfelt speeches in Semi Permanent Auckland history.

Do Not Rest - Nat Cheshire at Semi Permanent Auckland 2014

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